Column and List

A collection of acrylic and tempera paintings - on transparent acrylic sheet.

As a child I was less discriminating when looking. I had not yet learned to tune things out.


Our T.V. used to broadcast a test card in the morning and afternoon so it was off quite often. The dormant screens were less neutral than now, they tended to have a sort of grey green rounded out look. At home there were no other surfaces like it. I remember some of the programs, but the set itself also left an impression.


Painting on the back of acrylic sheet creates a reflective surface. Preparing that surface takes the reflections away. A nebulous space appears. Only looking at the edges can determine properly where the surface is. Glancing toward the central area there is nothing to focus on. The acrylic sheet becomes a blank amalgam of colour and refracted light.


When I point my camera at these areas and attempt to use the auto focus it becomes confused. It makes the motors whir in and out and then it gives a warning. I feel subversive and a bit cruel. As if getting my own back for something; taking control away before choosing which marks will appear for its eye to feed on.