A collection of acrylic paintings on acrylic sheet (Perspex). All the colours and tones are generated by mixing and layering cyan, magenta, yellow and white.

I've been collecting old music cassette tapes. And putting together a nineteen seventies hi-fi system. I wanted to hear my old tapes again. Soon I was enjoying the tactile nature of the switches and buttons. And the look of modernity with the slightly fuzzy coloured lights, brushed aluminium and wood.


There are a lot of prerecorded tapes still around. Some forty years old or more, and sounding good as ever. If they sound a bit wonky I smash them apart and put the tape into a new cassette. And they play just fine. This resilience and capacity to be mended gives me feelings of reassurance and satisfaction. They are familiar to me, and yet discovered anew. I like the qualities of the plastic cases and cassettes. The new ones, fresh from their moulds, have a special newborn feel, before the newness starts to wear off.


The cassette artwork gives some context for the music. The variety seems endless, in contrast to the uniformity of the cases containing it. It is a simple technology but quite magical when the music starts to play. In some of my paintings I use an aleatory process (using dice or bingo numbers). This generates a random pattern of possible outcomes within an organised pattern, similar to cassettes in storage cases.