Mission Simulator

A collection of acrylic paintings - on transparent acrylic sheet.

I am attracted to coloured pictures so I decided to make some. Taking some of my holiday snaps from America, I began colouring them in on the computer. I made sure that they could be printed out to scale so that I could copy them onto the acrylic sheet. Using the same colours and method as my inkjet printer I worked line by line, layer by layer, until each picture was finished.


Before dipping my brush into anything I had to turn the visual information into numbers. I had to know how many layers of each colour to put where. This put my chosen colours, tints, shades and tones on the correct picture planes. Like the inkjet printer I did not wonder about when the paintings were finished. They were done when I had completed translating the written composition into paint.


I take terrible snaps on holiday. My eye is always drawn to the wrong things. However there is not much left of the original photos. I cropped a lot and coloured over a lot. The paintings are nothing like the things I saw in America any more than the photographs were.