Tints and Tones

A collection of acrylic paintings on wooden panels - all the tones are generated by mixing and layering cyan, magenta, yellow and white.

I had a housewarming party. A new friend, a physicist, came along. She pointed to one of my paintings (Blue/Blue Tone), and said "that's interesting, that's what the universe looks like". It hadn't occurred to me before. But memories of television science programs came to mind, and I saw what she meant.


I mix a particular dilution of paint. And with a flat brush, spread it evenly over the surface in a simple economical way. First painting top to bottom, left to right. Then turning the work 90º and brushing left to right, top to bottom. Then, after repeating, nine coats of paint in all, the pattern appears.


The following year I met another physicist. I showed her the same painting. She was interested in how it had been made. And went on to explain that although they know what the universe looks like, they haven't yet figured out how it comes to be that way.