In Two Minds

'In Two Minds' - Leica M3 with Kodak Ultramax 400

 It started when I was moving house. I found my old cassette tapes and wanted to hear them again. So Ebay, and back to analogue. The internet for information and access, the gear for presence of mind .....


I enjoyed my cassettes. And the different types of players and recorders I managed to find. When I used this earlier technology, it felt different.


I'm not entirely present when I'm looking at a picture, or something on a screen; it puts me in two minds. Using my digital camera, with its screen on the back, always puts me in this slightly irritating position; sort of betwixt and between, and with little room for imagination.


Having cool cameras is an essential part of photography; it's half the fun! Trying my hand with film cameras again came naturally, followed by manual typewriters, fountain pens etc.


Now I have a separation of analogue and digital workflows. The digital helps to support and promote my work. But it is the analogue devices which have become the tools of my trade; allowing me to fully settle and concentrate.